Welcome to NEBB

Welcome to NEBB Australia

NEBB Australia offers an educational program of instruction, to train supervisory and technical personnel in the proper methods and procedures to be used in performing services in the various disciplines. NEBB Australia maintains a set of criteria for certification, and a system to thereby certify companies for their performance and supervision of the various services which are encompassed by the NEBB criteria.

NEBB Australia maintains minimum educational standards and experience requirements for the qualification of supervisors and technical personnel employed by companies which perform work in these disciplines. NEBB Australia acts as a focal point for educational and technical manuals pertinent to performing services in the various disciplines involving environmental systems.

NEBB Disciplines

  • Testing, adjusting and balancing of air and hydrolic systems - TAB
  • Cleanroom performance testing - CPT
  • Building systems commissioning - BSC
  • Retro Commissioning - RCx
  • Fumehood testing - FHT
  • Building enclosure¬†testing - BET
  • Sound & Vibration testing - S&V

NEBB Certification

  • Experience Levels
  • Educational Standards
  • Qualified Individuals
  • Endorsed Company
  • Instrument Standards
  • Regular recertification
  • NEBB Certified Individuals
  • NEBB Certified Company

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